Ruth…Character That Counts- 06/19/22

Ruth…Character That Counts

Ruth 2:1-13

Application Questions


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Ice Breaker

  • Consider a time you were in a new place or situation that was foreign to you. Share what the situation was, how it made you feel, and if you ever became comfortable in that place/situation (how).

 Diving In

  • Ruth was a foreigner in Israel. What were some of the barriers/hardships she would experience being a foreigner?

  • Read Ruth 2:8-9. What were the immediate needs Boaz addressed? What are some of the immediate needs (care) you see around you that need to be addressed?

  • Read Ruth 2:10-12. What were some of Ruth’s commendable characteristics? Based on our passage this week (Ruth 2:1-13), what were Boaz’s commendable characteristics?

  • Where do the commendable characteristics of Ruth and Boaz present themselves today?

  • Read Galatians 5:22-23. How do we nurture these fruits of the Spirit?

  • How are you able to partner with Jesus to share the Gospel with those around you? Brainstorm some ways your group could care for those around you.


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