Together Again…Remember the Next Generation- 02/06/22

Together Again…Remember the Next Generation

Psalm 78:1-8

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Sermon Application Questions

Ice Breaker 

What is your favorite sport in the summer Olympics?


Why is the baton exchange the most challenging part of a relay race?


Read Psalm 78: 1–5 

In your own words, what is the psalmist praying for?


What are the prayers that you have prayed for the children in your life?


Read Psalm 78: 6-7

What is the psalmist asking God to do?


Who are the people that passed the faith down to you?


How did they do this?


How does GSCCC express our trust for God, remember His deeds and keep His commands?


Read Psalm 78: 8

What happens if the current generation does not trust or obey God?


How does that impact the next generation?



What are the ways that GSCCC is passing the baton of faith down to the next generation?


What are some things that GSCCC can improve as we pass the baton of faith down to the next generation?


What part is God calling you to play?


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