God’s Heart for the Lost – 9/19/21

Sermon Notes:

Application Questions:

Ice Breaker 

What is the Best News you have ever received?  What did you do with the Good News?

Do you believe that the Good News of Christ is the Best News that our families, community and country needs today? Why or why not?

Getting Honest

Do you believe GSCCC believes, honors and follows the teachings of the Bible?

Do you believe that GSCCC loves people and longs for them to know Jesus?

How much do you believe that GSCCC is willing to sacrifice for the sake of reaching those who need to know the Good News of Jesus?

Read Mark 2: 1-12

In this passage, how do the paralyzed man’s friends express their love and concern for their friend?

What was the sacrifice that the paralyzed man’s friends were willing to make so he could encounter Jesus?

Why did they believe that Jesus could  meet their friends’ needs?

Why did Jesus first forgive the man’s sin and then heal him?

What does that tell you about Jesus?  What does that tell us about our greatest need?

How does this challenge you?

What difference did Jesus make in this man’s life?


Who will you pray for that needs to  know the Good News?

Who can you welcome into your life that needs to know the Good News?

How can GSCCC help you spread the Good News?

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