He is Risen…Seeing Jesus in a Whole New Way- 04/17/22

He is Risen…Seeing Jesus in a Whole New Way

John 20:1-18

 Take Notes Below:

Read John 20: 1-18


Why is there so much running in this passage?

Why is it that when Christ died, Christianity also died?

Why were the disciples so confused when they came to the empty tomb? What do you think was going through their minds?

There is a perception that if you have faith, you need to set aside logic and reason.  How do the disciples disprove this idea?

What happened when Jesus called Mary by name? Why is this so surprising? Why is it so significant?

How might Jesus be calling you by name?  What is it that he wants you to know?  How will you respond?

How does the resurrection of Jesus change everything? What difference will it make in your life?

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