Hosanna! Giving the Best Donkey You Have- 04/10/22

Hosanna! Giving the Best Donkey You Have

Mark 11:1-11

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Ice Breaker: Today we celebrate Palm Sunday. What is the biggest celebration that you have been a part of?  What did it feel, look and sound like? 

Key Question: Why does God need the things that He has given us? How do we respond when God asks us to partner with Him?

Key Idea: When we give freely to God, He uses the gift to advance his purposes and returns the gift in abundance. 


Read Mark 11: 1-11 

Why does Jesus choose to enter Jerusalem on a donkey?

Who do you think the two disciples assigned to securing Jesus’ transportation were?  Why?

In what way is the statement, “The Lord needs it” an oxymoron?

How do you think the owner of the donkey felt knowing that Jesus needed what he had?

Imagine what he felt like when he saw Jesus riding in, through the parade-like celebration, on his animal… on his offering.

What has God “needed” from His followers throughout the scripture? How did He use those things to advance His Kingdom?

In the past, how has Jesus used the things that you have given to Him?  How did your giving impact your discipleship?

What is Jesus asking you to make available to Him now? Time? Money? Influence? Worship? Obedience? Something else?

What did you learn from this sermon?

What will you do with what you learned?

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