Ruth…Hope in Suffering- 06/05/22

Ruth…Hope in Suffering

Ruth 1:1-22

Application Questions

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Ice Breaker:  Besides the Bible, what is your favorite book?  What are the elements in this book that make it so compelling?


Read Ruth 1:1-7

What does the opening line of Ruth tell you about the spiritual condition of God’s people?


What kind of place was Moab? Why was it the wrong place for God’s people?


If you could say or do one thing for Naomi, what would it be?


Are there people who remind you of Naomi?  What is God calling you to say or do?


Have there been situations in your life that have driven you to Moab?


Where was God during this difficult season?


Read Ruth: 1:11-13

Why did Naomi urge Ruth and Orpah to stay in their home land?


Read Ruth 1:16 -18

Why did Ruth continue the journey with Naomi?


What was Ruth giving up in order to follow?


What does that tell you about Ruth?


Application Questions 

How is God calling you to follow Him this week?


What will you need to leave behind?


How can we pray for you?


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