Kristina’s role is to walk alongside the leaders in children’s ministry, to strengthen our children’s program, and give children the opportunity to grow and build a personal relationship with Jesus. She is excited about leading children to know Jesus’ love and giving leaders confidence to teach and disciple. Recognizing that most of a child’s spiritual development should be happening at home, she works with families to teach them how to disciple their young ones. Her hope is for the church to become a multi-generational teaching system where we all can learn from one another—our peers, as well as those older and younger than we are. She comes into this position having had children’s ministry modeled very well to her, seeing what works and what does not, observing the surprising ways God works when we pay attention. It is our job to be open vessels for God to work through. She loves reading in her free time and, as a new homeowner, spends a lot of time working on home improvement projects.